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Shifts & Changes

Late Lost Souls
Meet The Folks
Shifts & Changes
But It Did
Will You
Sad Day

Shifts & Changes

And so we bring you our sixth, original album 'Shifts & Changes'.

The name seems appropriate for many reasons, firstly because the album itself was recorded in three different studios: Metway, Brighton, Bluewater, Ollerton and finally at The Chapel, Alford where the album was produced and mixed by Manchester producer Jim Spencer.

Also, the songs reflect the times politically of shifts & changes, a time of recession and worry and a time of keeping things together and having the courage to be positive about the future.

We had shifts & changes in band members and musicians recording their parts, the style of the songs and the genre of music that you would categorise them in also shifts & changes but make no mistake this is BFCH, these are McLelland songs and as ever the album is unique and produced with great care and passion.


Ghosts & Spirits

The Ballad of Charlie Dowd
Billy Allen
Feel The Sun
Glasgow Hills
Little Bit of Land
Happy Birthday
The Day My Granny Died
Ghosts & Spirits

Ghosts & Spirits

Ghosts & Spirits is the band's fifth, original album with ten new songs.

The album was recorded mainly in Youghal, County Cork under the watchful eye and ear of Maurice 'Mugger' Mulligan (band's bass player) and the so laid back and so committed, Warren.

Recording this album was the most fun the band had ever had in a recording situ (the Irish craic never being far away!) and on the front cover are the two people who definitely made their mark on the music – Mad Dawg (drummer) and Ben (fiddle, accordion, whistle, piano and pipes).

The opening song 'The Ballad Of Charlie Dowd' is a tribute to John's (Mad Dawg's) father who passed away in 2005 and 'Ghosts & Spirits' is a tribute to a BFCH friend, Peter Lane, who depped for the band on bass and who also died in 2005 of cancer aged just 47. The album was released through Redmuze Publishing, London and was also made available for download.

'The Ballad Of Charlie Dowd' has also since been made available as a DVD single and this particular song has proved to be a favourite song for airplay and live performance.


Do these things happen to you?

Do these things happen to you?
Glasgow Gangsters
The Hunger
Mary Fatarse
In Love In 2002
Never Gonna Drink That Stuff Again
Daryl Days Gone By
Glasgow Paddy the Pigeon Racer
Santa Claus
Boom, Boom, Boom

‘Do these things happen to you?’

This is an album of 12 strong songs with yet again a variance of instruments and styles.

The band was without an experienced drummer at this time so the drums were put down in a basic form plus full use of the bodhran (played by Scarecrow) – the album has been a great success and continues to sell worldwide.

Favourite songs for airplay from this album have been 'Darryl Days Gone By', 'Santa Claus' and 'Glasgow Gangsters' but in contrast the favourite songs live have been 'Boom, Boom, Boom' and 'Never Going To Drink That Stuff Again' – the lyrics of this song were written by McLelland & McLelland after a notable Irnham Beer Festival that continued until dawn!! BFCH folllowers who have been to this annual event can really identify with the sentiment of the song…

'In Love In 2002' has been one of the band's favourite ballads to play live.


In My Mind

Prison Walls
In This Small Town
But It Did
Killing Time
Oor Lassie
I'd Like To Get To Know Ya
You're A Liar
It's In My Mind
Jimmy Baker

In My Mind

In My Mind is the band's third, orignal album. It's about life and the struggles that we all have from day to day coping with work (Killing Time), children (Oor Lassie), rejection (I'd Like To Get To Know Ya), deceipt (You're A Liar), escape (Hero), drunkards (This Small Town), serious illness (But It Did), injustice (Prison Walls), loneliness (It's In My Mind) and just nonsense (Jimmy Baker).

Favourite songs for airplay from this album include 'Killing Time', 'Prison Walls' and around the Christmas season……the manic 'Jimmy Baker'.

It has been critically acclaimed as a classic Celtic, rock album and continues to sell worldwide.


Brand New

Tears Like Acid
These Words
Fag Ash Lil
Born To Be
I’ll Be There
Brand New
Slip Inside
Echo News
Lucy, Lucy
Richard Branson
Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon
Wasn’t Meant To Be
Say What You Mean
The Dream Team

Brand New

Brand new is BFCH's second album release – recorded at Gems Recording Studio in Boston – and introduces a lot of new sounds and dimensions as the band is growing.

The song 'Born To Be' has proved to be one of BFCH's classics and has received airplay around Europe and in particular is a favourite with Canadian Prairie Radio Station.

'The Dream Team' was a song commissioned through Cherry Red Records for a release on a tribute album entitled 'Ibrox Anthems'. This song was written by Steven McLelland who had some doubts about this at the time as he was brought up with a mixed influence of catholic and protestant beliefs. This album has been sold worldwide with the song released in its original form. The tribute to Celtic FC is written but not yet recorded for release, it will be released sometime in the future of BFCH.

Favourite songs on this album for live shows include 'Fag Ash Lill', 'These Words' and 'Wasn't Mean't To Be'.


Money Worries

What The Hell
She Played The Fiddle
What Do You Bloody Know
Too Hard To Hold
Money Worries
Celtic Girl
Sleaford Town
Lazy Days
Lincoln Prison
Sleepy Sleaford
Waxies Dargle
Band From County Hell

Money Worries

Money Worries was the band's first album and was recorded at The Stables Recording Studio in Rauceby, Lincolnshire.

Tracks from the album that have been published include 'Lazy Days' which has been used by French (SACEM) Films for soundtrack and 'Champions' has been licensed for use by Cherry Red Records to be included in an MUFC tribute album entitled 'Move, Move, Move'. This album has been sold worldwide with the song still in its original form as recorded and written by Steven McLelland.

Favourite songs on the album that have been gigged over the years include 'Money Worries' and 'What Do You Bloody Know'. 'She Played The Fiddle' is a particularly beautiful song with moving lyrics about a lady who was admitted to Rauceby Hospital, near Sleaford. The lady was a fantastic piano player but at the time of recording this album we did not have a piano in the band! and so the song became 'She Played The Fiddle'.


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